Tiny Loose Powder Puffs w/ Satin Ribbon Flocked Foam Pinky Puffs


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This is a tiny loose powder puff commonly used for face application as well as powder touch up. The satin ribbon strap on the tiny powder puff allows the makeup artist to wear it on the pinky and use the puff as a barrier to avoid artist's skin come in contact with client's skin when makeup artist is applying makeup on their client. This tiny powder puff will fit the 10 gram cosmetic jars by sitting on top of the jar sifter as part of the cosmetic powder product packaging.

  • Size: approximately¬†1 inch diameter
  • Material: flocked foam and satin

Compatible jars to this powder puff are SKUs #5066, #5067, #5068, #3010, #3011, #3012, #3086, #3087, #3088, #3089, #3081 & #3082.