Cosmetic Sifter Jars Plastic Black Beauty Containers with Lids - 20 Gram (Black / Clear Lid)


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Plastic cosmetic jars with black jar base and either a clear or black lid ideal for loose powder type of products as well as and salves and balm. Three styles of jar sifters available to fit inside the plastic jars to allow evenly dispensing of powder also serve as a storage area for a powder puff to apply product. Unique beauty packaging with a black jar base to make your products stand out.

  • Base color: black
  • Cap color: black or clear
  • Cap style: screw on type
  • Physical size: approximately 3/4" Tall (with the cap on) and 2" diameter
  • Capacity: approximately 0.667 fl. oz.
  • Material: Polystyrene (PS) Plastic

Sifter to fit: sku# 5000, #5057 or #5058
Puff to fit: sku# 5024 or #5025

Note on SKU# 3828 : Depending on the angle and lighting, the jar base and lid may appear in a slightly different shade of black.